3 Art Museums to see when in New York City

New York City is know by most people for its incredibly crowded streets and sidewalks, Rockefeller Center and of coarse…the New York Stock Exchange. Being from southern California where there are lots of wide open spaces compared to New York I had mixed emotions on the visit. One thing I found enjoyable was the vast amount of art museums through out the city. Below are my top 3 picks.

Brooklyn Museum

If you are looking smaller crowd compared to Manhattan then the Brooklyn Museum is a great choice. The museum was founded in 1895 and is located on the border of Prospect Park. The Museum is famously know for its exhibits of African and Egyptian art. The mission is to combine unique works of art from cultures from all over the world. that seek to embody the rich artistic heritage of world cultures. The art collection goes all the way back to the 17th century to modern day with a wide range of painting and sculptures.

The Jewish Museum

The Museum sits in the Warburg Mansion which was built in 1908. It displays a unique mix of modern “present day” art and contemporary pieces from the past. While most of the museum has temporary changing exhibits, there is a permanent exhibit targeted towards young kids. The Jewish Museum also has Kosher delicacies available for visitors who want to experience authentic Jewish cuisine.

New Museum of Contemporary Art

This museum had an obstacle right from the very beginning which was how to build to have enough room to display large amounts of art being in the confines of surrounding homes. The solution was build up by stacking 7 layers on top of each other. The new location opened in 2007 and its name comes from the “New School” which was originally opened in 1977. The museum hosts 3 main galleries which highlight important modern art by not so well known artists. The video below gives a in depth view of the construction and works of art the museum has to offer. For more info you can visit https://www.newmuseum.org/

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