Great Musicians of New Orleans form Past To Present

New Orleans has a rich history of music within it’s culture. Many thousands of tourists visit the state to join the locals in the wild Mardi Gras celebration. From Blues to Jazz to Rock & Roll, New Orleans was a breeding ground fro musical talent and still is today. Below are few artists from past to present that have made a big mark in music history.

Dr. John

Mac Rebennack who has gone by the stage name Dr. John sense the 1960’s brings a very interesting blend of blues, rock, pop, jazz to his fans. His performance style can be described as energetic and theatrical. Being from New Orleans it’s no surprise that he often includes Mardi Gras costumes and voodoo practices which the state is famously known for. Gris Gris was his first album was a hit, putting him in the lime light of fame. Over decades of releasing hit after hit within 20 albums, Dr. John always draws a big crowd of loyal fan.

Fats Domino

When you sell over 65 million records you are a legend in the music industry, and thats exactly what Fats Domino was. Known world wide fro his break through style in the 1950’s. The New Orleans native was the first rock & roll artist in history to have an album sell over a million copies. The father of 8 was honored at the Grammy’s in 1986 with a lifetime achievement award for his music legacy. Even with 25 gold singles to his name he remained a very humble artist and father who loved his fan’s. He passed away in 2017 at his home due to natural causes.

Harry Connick Jr.

Harry had a very young start to the music seen at only the age of 5 as a Pianist and signer which would go on to make him famous all over the world. He first left his home in New Orleans to New York where he expanded his musical talent. Harry had his first big break in 1989 when he produced the sound track to the hit movie “When Harry met Sally”. He has also expanded outside of music staring in many main stream movies and television series.

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