Historical Attractions in Texas

The Alamo

It’s not only one of the most important historic sites in Texas, but the whole United States. In 1744, Franciscans built the Alamo within 100 years it had been transformed into a fort for defense. Most people have associate Davie Crockett alone, but James Bowie also played a key role in the desperate effort to defend Texas against 3,000 Mexican army troops. Texas would later eventually overcome the Mexican army. You can now visit the restored Alamo to view weapons and artifacts from the past. You can also go on guided audio tours of the grounds via the official Alamo website.

Space Center Houston

Located just outside the heart of Houston is Space Center Houston. For obvious reasons this is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the state of Texas. Some things you can expect to learn about are space exploration’s past and future, NASA’s latest break throughs and upcoming planned missions. It’s not likely but you might even have a chance to speak with a real astronaut. You’ll probably want to spend at least a few hours wondering around the whole facility to view the replica of the space shuttle and space station.

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